Memento Cards

Powerful and easy to use spaced repetition software for Android


Whatever language you learn, you need to study words.
That might take your time and draw energy but flashcards seems to be the fastest way to study new vocabulary.
We created this application to make it easier and more efficient.
Memento Cards adopted Spaced Repetition ideas making them transparent to a user.

Choose your own words

We think the best results are achieved when users decide by themselves which words to study.
Memento Cards supports quick removing of unnecessary words directly in mobile phone.
Switch into edit mode, investigate "autoselect" and "remove current" features and see how it works.
Also you may easily create own cards from words lists and freely available dictionaries.
Create a plain text file with words, download our utility, generate a cards file, enjoy.

Choose your own schedule

Many existing spaced repetition softwares follow a "push" paradigm.
They may decide that today you have to study 23 words and 103 tomorrow.
That is not a case for Memento Cards which follows a "pull" paradigm. If you have time to learn 500 words today just do it!
Our application tries to guess which words you most likely have forgotten and shows them first.
You do not need to decide when you will repeat the word or which word is "new" and which one is "repeatable"
There are only 2 buttons there: "Right" and "Wrong". Do not bother about technical details.

Choose your own transcriptions, translations, sounds

Yes, our application is flexible. And you do not need to be Ph.D. in order to create your own cards (we hope)
Simply download one of hundreds XDXF dictionaries and convert your words list into a cards file.
For custom sounds you will need sounds samples, but we recommend to stick to Android Text-to-Speach.
You even can create cards with several translations which will be shown on separate "pages"!
For instance, it might be same-language description, your language translation and etymology.

Download our free content

We provide unique free content generated from variety of open sources: frequency lists, dictionaries, sounds and ready-to-use cards.

Optimised for vocabulary studying

Memento Cards was designed to be used specifically for vocabulary studying.
Font sizes, utilising dictionaries for generating cards, special attention to transcriptions and other details were implemented to target good user experience for words learning